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Invest in your wellbeing


Medicine Safari Retreats

Healing for the Healers

These retreats are filled with experiences of silence in nature, space to hear yourself, and new perspectives on healing and connection to the earth. We will walk with plant healers in the forest of Mt. Meru and learn about their natural medicines.  We will be led by healers of the Maasai and Meru Tribes in sacred ceremonies, connecting us in new and profound ways to the motherland. We will make fresh Tanzanian cacao and help beekeepers  open a Meliponini stingless bee hive, tasting one of the oldest medicines on the planet.

Silent Retreats

Nature is the medicine ~ Silence is the Gateway

Taking time to pause and reflect is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. In these retreats you will be surrounded by pristine nature, like minded people, professional meditation instruction, farm fresh food, and silence. If you are looking to truly unplug, learn and practice meditation, integrate, and enjoy deep nature experiences, then these retreats are for YOU. These retreats are suitable for new/beginner to advanced meditators and people of all traditions and faiths.  


Partnership  Retreats

Let us produce your next retreat!  We offer retreat design and production in Tanzania and the United States.  Relax while our powerful team of local partners, lodges, facilitators, and musicians bring your vision to reality safely and on budget.  

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