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Mindfulness Training

We have extensive experience in providing mindful leadership trainings for Individuals, Groups, Corporate Teams, Safari Guides and Hotel Staff.  Mindfulness training is a proven practice that has many workplace and health benefits in reducing stress, managing anxiety and depression, improving immune system function, and promoting more joy and happiness in a person's life.  In learning mindfulness meditation, participants build nonjudgmental awareness of their bodies, thoughts, and emotions.

Silent Retreat

Taking time to pause and reflect is the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. In this retreat you will be surrounded by beautiful lush forests, like minded people, professional meditation instruction, farm fresh food, and silence. If you are looking to truly unplug, learn and practice meditation, find a mental/emotional reset, and enjoy deep nature experiences, then this retreat is for YOU. The retreat is suitable for new/beginner to advanced meditators and people of all traditions and faiths.



We offer private and small group Cacao ceremonies, Sound Journeys, and Healing Ceremonies.


Cacao Ceremony- ​​Enjoy the ancient tradition of ceremonial cacao. In this experience participants will mindfully enjoy a warm cup of ceremonial grade cacao and then be immersed in live sounds designed to take you on a heart opening journey within.


Sound Journey- After a short meditation you will lie down in comfort and be transported to a dream land with the sound of singing bowls, rattles, native American flute, hand-pan, and guitar.


Healing Ceremony- In this experience you will work one on one with Charlie in a safe comfortable setting. You will be guided to the deepest parts of your psyche to expel unwanted energies by shining the light of love and reclaiming your inner truth.  This session will include a life coaching consultation, breath work, meditation, visualization, and a sound journey.

Wellness Products

We work with local Tanzanian producers to distribute their products to a regional and international market.  Our flagship product is JustBee Stingless Bee Honey.   

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